Canoe Sampler

The Southern Hemisphere's largest range of recreational canoe models

Friday 23rd of June

12:30pm - 4:30pm

Bendeela Recreation Area

Experience the southern hemisphere's largest range of recreational canoes.  Everything from 3 to 30 foot long! Expert instructors will provide you with insight into all the various brands, models and materials, with their strengths and trade-offs. 

Importantly, you'll get to paddle all the models to understand their performance first hand. Fishing, white water, play boats, touring, family boats, solo boats, fast boats, nimble boats and so much more. There will also be a wide range of paddles on hand to try.

Special festival price for this Experience. Limited spaces. Bookings are essential. 

The Canoe Sampler is Thanks to our event MAJOR SPONSOR Paddle and Portage Canoes