Beneath the Surface

A unique experience!

All Festival

At Bendeela Recreation Area

Beneath the Surface is a guided mixed-media art installation and immersive performance at the Festival of Canoe and Kayak. 

Something is wrong, what could it be? 

Everyone living in, on or nearby the river is unsettled. Someone is missing. The grebes and rotifers have reached out to the humans for help. They have called families to the river to dive beneath the surface and help uncover what is happening. 

During a guided canoe trip, families will meet five lovable characters along the river who will share their story of the river through story, music, and dance. 

In an immersive, topsy-turvy storytelling adventure, families piece together clues and information from each animal to figure out who is missing, arriving at the floating art installation ready to amplify the voice of this missing creature and ask the humans to support the river by making a message in a bottle (poem and/or drawing) to be added to the floating art installation.  Participants are invited to reflect and share their views on what is missing here, and what a river needs to be healthy.

The story is playful, humorous and energising, encouraging us all to think about and engage with life on, in, and under the water - exploring connections to the waterway, and our bigger connection to nature: building meaningful ecological relationships.

Beneath the Surface is an initiative of Wild Ground Creative Adventures and art practitioners Danielle Carey and Julie Henninger, supported by Valley Outdoors, Southbound Adventures, Take3 for the Sea and Festivals Australia.

Beneath the surface

Mysteries unfold

Stories untold must be shared 

Whispers from the river beings 

Spread ripples through

The web of life

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Beneath the Surface is a unique outdoor art immersion: a guided (and self-guided) canoeing journey involving art installations and live performers. 

Think progressive dinner, meets cabaret, meets canoeing tour and forest school - and we invite you to become a part of the show! 

Come dressed as your favourite river being if you wish. All costumes must fit under a life jacket - we recommend masks, head dress, face paint, and river-themed colours. Some costume elements will be provided as part of the experience. 

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Generously supported by Festivals Australia 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Festivals Australia program