F.O.C.K. Foto Fair

The F.O.C.K. Foto Fair is generously supported by Aus Geo Adventure.

Depicting Paddle Sports Across A dry continent

All festival weekend

At a variety of locations and times

Categories include a variety of paddle themed topics and themes. 

The F.O.C.K. Foto Fair will be on display at the Festival Launch, with winners also featured elsewhere during the festival.

Entries close June 9

Categories include*:

(*subject to change!)

You can find the F.O.C.K. Foto Fair entry form here

Full Competition Terms and Conditions are here.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! 

Prizes are yet to be announced, but what could be better than calling yourself the "inaugural F.O.C.K.er" and a "highly awarded prize winning photographer"? Stick that on your LinkedIn!

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Judges! Judges! Judges!

The full list of judges is yet to be announced. But if you know someone that might be a good fit then please let us know!