Paddy Paddlin' ROW'GAINE

PUddle'gaine: A Family Friendly introductory boat based rogaine

Saturday 24th June

1pm to 3pm

Location: Bendeela Recreation Area


Thanks to the most excellent people at NSW Rogaining there will be a FREE boat based rogaine at the F.O.C.K. in 2023. A ROWgaine! A Paddle-gaine!! A Puddle-gaine!!!

We have hidden flags along a 1km stretch of Kangaroo River at Bendeela. The flags could be anywhere, and you have 1 hour to find as many as you can. No maps, only your Rogaining Senses!

Price: FREE (unless you want to hire a boat, and we've got you covered there)

Prizes: there's always prizes, especially for the Best Dressed category.

Not just for adventurous F.O.C.K.ers, rogaining is a marvellous family activity. Don't know what rogaining is? No worries! The Australian Rogaining Association has you covered: =

Thanks to Paddy Pallin for their support of this unique event