Show and Shine Boat Display

Bring and display your pride and joy!

Saturday the 24th of June

Osborne Park (Kangaroo Valley Showground)

9am to 3pm

A spectacular display of canoe and kayak design, craftsmanship and history. Featuring canoes and kayaks of all makes and models, from historic pieces and vintage beauties, to modern sleek design and handcrafted artworks, the Show and Shine is sure to be hit with boat builders both young and old.

The Show and Shine is a part of the Paddling Lifestyle Expo

Do you have a home made boat? Or a piece of Australian Paddling Heritage? It's FREE to register. 

To enter the Show and Shine please register your boat.

The SHOW AND SHINE is Thanks to our Good friends at Group 314 who provide a range of qualifications for paddlers