Canoes, Blues and Brews

Rock on at the F.O.C.K.!

Sunday 25th of June 

Midday until 2:30pm

Bendeela Recreation Area

Live music and a floating crowd!

Bring a picnic, bring a boat, bring a brew! Kick back in your canoe and enjoy the live music FREE

Check out the headliners here!

What kind of brews? Well, it is winter, and we don't recommend mixing alcohol with paddle sports, so we think a warming brew like Sexy Time from the Berry Tea Shop is an excellent choice to get you in the mood for an afternoon of

Need a canoe to watch the concert?

Need a boat to watch the concert? Want to participate in the world record attempt? Keen to play canoe polo?

Hire a canoe for a half-day paddle at Bendeela Recreation Area as part of The F.O.C.K.

Thanks to our event partners Valley Outdoors

Always wear a life jacket! Even if you are an awesome guitarist!