Novelty EVents

Things get a little unpredictable!

Sunday 25th June

Midday to 3pm

Bendeela Recreation Area

Canoe Jousting: Legendary battles!

Also known as Canoe tilting, water jousting, punt jousting, Fischerstechen (in Germany: the fisherman's joust), and Schifferstechen (in Switzerland). Canoe jousting has over 4000 years of history!  Egyptian bas-reliefs from 2300 B.C. show figures jousting from boats. Care to try your hand at the ancient art?

The F.O.C.K. is hosting the 2023 Australian Canoe Jousting Championship!

canoe Tug of 'Oar*

Bring a team. Put on some war paint. Dress in your battle garb. And rehearse your war cry: "FOOOOOOOOCK!".

*Yes, yes, yes, we know they aren't oars. We're open to a more creative name if you can think of one smarty pants.

More novelty events to come!

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