SCRATCHING the Surface

A unique experience!

Sunday 25th June

11Am to 3pm

At Bendeela Recreation Area

Wild Ground, in partnership with our good friends at #Take3 for the Sea will have been busy making art all Festival as part of the Beneath the Surface experience, and this is your chance to see what they have made!

Beneath the Surface is a family-focused participatory art making experience and one of the main events at The F.O.C.K.. It is a unique outdoor art immersion and Scratching the Surface is a self-guided paddling experience that allows you to interact with the art. 

Come explore the ecological world of the Kangaroo River through environmental art. The art project seeks to bring the world below the river above and into the imagination of festival goers. 

While the guided Beneath the Surface experience is a ticketed event, Scratching the Surface is FREE to check out.

Come dressed as your favourite river being if you wish. All costumes must fit under a life jacket - we recommend masks, head dress, face paint, and river-themed colours. 

Generously supported by Festivals Australia 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Festivals Australia program